He's got an eye for the fellas, and he applies it expertly to his amazing poser art. Othello is the man. It's not about capturing the perfection of youth, but more about capturing the weathered look of an experienced guy and the wear and tear of the street that give Othello's work authenticity, and help move poser art on to new heights of realism. Here's to an imperfect future.

- Torro Spyke


 I love animation, especially where it involves naked men. A few years ago, a lot of guys started dabbling in the 3-D rendering of naked men and I've seen quite a few sites showing off this kind of artwork. But they've always left me largely unsatisfied. The men always seemed to look like freaks. As 3-D software improved so did the artwork. The other day I stumbled across a hot blog called Poser Men. And fuck, is this guy talented. He creates the most stunning rendering of masculine men, men who look real and photos that look like they've been painted rather than rendered in a 3-D software program. Poser Men focuses on the super masculine - leather men, muscle men, bikers, and other rough types. And not only are his men hot, but Poser Men gets into some animation, too, so you'll be treated to these masculine men walking, with their big cocks swinging between their legs. These animations are very realistic and I'm positive that you're going to become of fan of this artist's work.

- Butch Dixon

All your pictures are perfect, I mean a lot of erotic images have problems with muscles etc sometimes in the position they don't fit with the backgrounds . Yours are just like reality with a little thing that make you say oh they are digital. Some of them look like just real to me and attractive that is very important.
The anatomy is really masterful. I also love the choice of the positions and the composition, that are very clever and aesthetic. Some of the faces and profiles are gorgeous and in a kind of way looks like models I'd like to have. Some are also very very hot.
You are very productive!!!
Real models can be afraid to lose their job soon.
I think all I can see in your blog is the best from very far to all I have seen in 3D IMAGES ON THE WEB.
I really mean what I am witting it is not just to make compliments to someone who says he's a fan of my work.
I will today put a link on my website and blog if you are Ok with that.

- Benoît Prévot

 It wouldn’t be fair to label Othellos work just “Tom Of Finland” clones, it’s surely not. It has something going on it’s own. Personally I think it doesn’t really matter if your gay oriented or not, you have to agree his work is absolutely amazing and shows the virtuosity of a very skilled artist.

- Mike Hawk. NY Yankees"A parade of masculinity"  - The Truespace Times

"Stunning sensuality"  - The Truespace Herald

"A mouth-watering experience"  - The Truespace Post